amish season
writing as Marianne Ellis with co-author Cameron Dokey


(writing as Marianne Ellis with Cameron Dokey)

From the ashes of her father's farm stand, Miriam is given the chance to renew her marriage, friendships, and the hope of becoming a mother…

The death of Jakob Lapp, a beloved member of the Amish community and the builder of the Stonyfield Farm Stand, is difficult for all. On the day of Jakob's funeral, his beloved daughter Miriam must deal with her grief as well as mounting apprehension, knowing that she will soon see her sister Sarah who left the Amish community to live the Englisch life many years ago.Sarah's arrival also forces Miriam to face the problems in her marriage. She has been unable to give her husband Daniel a child and fears he is not happy. Miriam has always suspected that David's heart truly lies with her sister, and she worries about the effect her return will have on their already strained marriage. But when a fire destroys the Stonyfield Farm Stand, the entire community must come together to rebuild. Suddenly, second chances abound, not only for the community, but for Miriam as well…

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Daniel, Miriam's husband, is the only man that she has ever loved, but she has always feared that he is in love with her sister, Sarah. Sarah left six years ago to live as an Englisher in San Francisco and has never returned to their Amish community. But when the sisters' father, Jakob, dies, Sarah sends news that she will be returning for the funeral. Miriam is filled with trepidation, concerned that her already tenuous marriage will suffer even further. VERDICT This engaging, character-driven series launch is sure to appeal to readers who enjoy the Amish romances of Suzanne Fisher Woods. -- Library Journal

I really enjoyed this first book in the Amish Seasons Series and I found myself immediately drawn into the storyline from the very first page. I love Amish stories and Ms. Ellis didn’t disappoint this reader. I eagerly look forward to reading the rest of the books in this new series. -- Night Owl Reviews 5 Stars



(writing as Marianne Ellis with Cameron Dokey)

Ruth Schrock has never been able to live up to the high standards set by her father, their district's deacon. When she is offered the chance to teach in a different district, she jumps at the chance, even though she worries about her mother who is pregnant. But new challenges await her in her new district where she is staying with cousins. Levi Yoder lives across the road from the schoolhouse, and Ruth will be leaving her buggy and horse there during the day. Quickly she discovers this handsome, quiet farmer may have the same expectations of her as her father, and she knows she should avoid him as much as possible. But events bring them together again and again...

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